On Saturday, August 19th, 2017, we will be rolling out a combo of the Appspace App v1.20 and a lightweight 6.2-ac.10 update. Here are the key things you need to know:

Windows gets more control options

In our previous app update, LG WebOS gained support for network commands and action scripting. In this update, it’s the turn of Windows. The addition of support for network commands opens up the possibilities of using other devices to control the experience on Windows devices. For example, browse and view channels via a smartphone or tablet.

Improved video playback on LG webOS

Optimizations have been made to the way the Appspace App for LG webOS plays back-to-back videos. When this occurs, the app will preload the upcoming video. This intelligent video handling means that you get a seamless video playback experience and no blank moments between videos.

Better logs for all

As an administrator, you may want to export app logs for closer inspection, and now you can – in JSON or CSV formats.

More frequency options

A small but powerful playback update means content managers can now control the total amount of time a piece of content appears on a screen. This does also require an update to the Appspace console, in the form of 6.2-ac.10. Content managers will now see a new ‘Airtime Percentage’ setting for their advanced digital sign layouts.


As with every release of our app, you can expect additional performance improvements and bug fixes.  To see the full release notes, click here.