A Workspace Management Platform for Healthcare Facilities and Organizations

Frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce*, Appspace specifically caters to the healthcare sector needs, giving employees, as well as their patients, an environment that is informative.

*Source: Microsoft


Give workers a hub for the information they need

A single destination for all employees to find the latest announcements, videos, and tools when they are at work, at home, or on the go.


Broadcast critical information across your healthcare facilities

Share the latest announcements and workplace guidance on digital signage in lobbies, waiting rooms, team or patient areas, hallways, and meeting spaces.


Deliver on-demand services across your frontline sites

Keep patients informed with self-service education terminals, directories, and wayfinding.

We really value the ability to provide content in real-time to reach our shift workers.

Healthcare organizations trust Appspace

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