Help employees and guests navigate your office spaces

Getting around shouldn’t be a hassle. Remove the guesswork and improve your workplace experience by making it simple for anyone who enters your office to get where they need to be, with wayfinding solutions like self-service kiosks and interactive directories.

Put people in control, with interactive wayfinding

Anyone who enters your office can confidently navigate it on their own, with self-service kiosks. Whether they’re located in the lobby or in a few places throughout your space, Appspace Kiosks give people easy access to the information they need.

Find people and spaces in seconds

Create interactive directories that allow people to see where they are in relation to where they’re going. Employees working in a desk hoteling or hot desking seating arrangement can see who’s working and where, so they can reserve spaces near coworkers or resources.

Get wayfinding on whatever device you’re using

No matter what type of devices your office has available, you can run Wayfinding on whatever suits your needs. And employees can access the same tools via mobile.

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