Video Tutorials

Workforce Solutions Self-Paced Tutorials

Grasp the basics, tackle the advanced, and master how to develop with Appspace using our training modules.

30-second explainers

These tutorials will help you understand the simple concepts we use in the Appspace platform.

Playlist channels

Understand the easiest way to share information on personal devices and workplace displays.


Learn how to create on-brand content in Appspace that is perfectly formatted.

Live channels

Learn how to publish live video from broadcast TV, webcams, and other video sources.

Creating & sharing

These tutorials are designed to help you start creating and sharing awesome cards.

Create a playlist

The playlist channel allows us to publish full-screen content quickly and without hassle.

Create content

Using an existing template we can quickly put together great-looking content and share it.

Upload content

Upload content to the library from our computer.

Devices & admin

These tutorials will help you understand the simple concepts we use in the Appspcae platform.

The dashboard

The dashboard is your landing page and where you find access to device statuses, subscription information, and more.

Inviting users

Inviting users into Appspace is quick and simple, just use their email.

Assigning user roles

Once you’ve added your users in Appspace, it’s very important to give them the appropriate roles.

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