Creating & sharing

Learn the skills to create content with templates, preview, schedule, and share.

Start sharing, fast

These tutorials will get you sharing team communications in no time.

Create a channel

A playlist channel lets you share full-screen content quickly and easily.

Create content

Use a template to create awesome communications.

Upload content

Upload images and video to your channel.

Preview a channel

See how your channel looks before sharing.

Publishing a channel

Choose where your channel will be seen.

The content library

These tutorials will introduced to the content library features and functions.

Create a library folder

Using folders is the simplest way to to keep track of all of your content.

Upload content to the library

Upload images and video to the library from your computer.

Other tips for creating & sharing

These tutorials will introduced to the content library features and functions.

Custom channel playback

Set transitions, duration, scheduling, and playout order of your content.

Create a channel group

Share several channels at the same time.

Publish a live channel

Share live video streams using just URLs.

Channel permissions

Set who can modify and publish content.

Channel approvals

Set who can approve changes to channels.

Create customized experiences

These tutorials will help you get started with advanced channels.

Advanced channels

Use advanced channel to create customized experiences, controllers, and more.

Advanced channel editing

Advanced channels use one or more layouts that are filled with customizable widgets.

The design tools

Advanced channels use the visual editor to create layouts, edit, and organize widgets.

Layout scheduling

Layout scheduling gives granular control of how content is displayed.

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