Digital Signage


Amplify your communications on digital signs

With digital signage, every moment is an opportunity to keep people informed and connected. Share the latest company news, announcements, workplace guidance, and more. Get the message out on digital signs in lobbies, team areas, hallways, and meeting spaces.

Bring your collaboration spaces to life

Extend your corporate communications to conference rooms and meeting spaces. When your digital signs aren’t being used for presentations or video calls, you can share company messages and announcements that can be localized by room or office.

Supersize your signage for big impact

Give your employee and visitor communications that extra wow factor with multi-screen displays in high-traffic areas where one screen just isn’t enough.

Invite people to engage

Make your digital signs interactive, via touchscreen kiosks that provide wayfinding, directories, visitor management, and space reservation capabilities. Employees and visitors can browse information and engage with dynamic content that goes beyond static images for an interactive experience.

Choose the best layout

Make use of pre-designed templates for your digital signage. Multi-zone layouts provide a fast and flexible way to display different types of content on one screen in a well-thought-out and engaging way. You can choose from three, four, or five zone layouts.

For the past 5+ years, Appspace is the primary platform we have used at LinkedIn to manage and distribute our digital signage content. This has been extremely valuable for our employees as it allows them to stay up to date to relevant company announcements, events and communications.

Enterprise features

HTML templates

Display pre-designed templates for sharing your announcements, reports, and more


Use common image formats like jpg, png, and gif in templates and channels

HD & 4K video

Display HD and higher video content on compatible displays

Live streams

View video streams in HLS, UDP, and multi-cast formats from your preferred technology

Flexible layouts

Templates with built-in flexibility for landscape, portrait, mobile, and more

Interactivity & transitions

Create behaviors for digital signs and kiosks using touch screens, URLs, and more

Device tasks

Get logs, restart devices, manage updates, and many other device-specific functions

Compatible with alerts

Override content with priority messages from the CEO and emergency systems

Simple setup

Setup one device or thousands with enterprise-level deployment options

The Importance of Digital Signage in a Digital Age

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