You’ve likely heard that employee engagement is more important than ever, and it’s true. Study after study shows that employees who feel engaged and connected with their workplace have a stronger work ethic, contribute more to the company’s overall goals, and remain with a company for longer.

The secret to this engagement all comes down to communication. Are you transparent with your employees? Do they understand your company’s mission, and do they feel like they are valued? By properly communicating with your employees, you can increase your engagement, and, in turn, be paid back in multiple ways. Here is a look at some of the most compelling employee communication statistics that show engagement should be made a top priority:

These workplace communication stats make it clear that employee engagement is imperative to your success. We can help you increase your employee engagement through eye-catching digital signage. By posting a combination of company announcements, safety, health and wellness, employee recognition, and our unique industry-specific content, you’ll be sure to capture your employees’ attention and make them feel valued. We understand what makes today’s workforce tick, and we bring that to your office through powerful signage that brings your engagement to the next level. Use these employee engagement statistics to your advantage and take action today. To learn more about how our digital signage can transform your employee engagement—and therefore your company — contact us now.