That’s right, we have a double whammy for you.

In both updates to Appspace content management platform we’ve focused on bug fixes, with ac.13 also including some cool new features.


This is a small update that contains a few pesky bugs that we’ve resolved and want to get out as soon as possible. These are being deployed to public cloud on Saturday 11th February – we know this isn’t the usual 1 week notice we give customers, but these have caused a slight rise in escalation tickets this week so we hope you agree with us taking action to sort these out immediately.

You can read more about these fixes in the release notes, here.


The first new feature enhancement here is the linking of basic signs. Content authors can now link full-screen playlists together; perfect for a hierarchical content workflow. This feature is something that has been available in advanced signs for some time, so its great to see it now possible in basic signs.

Administrators of card templates will also see a new addition to the installed templates list; the “developer” column. This small change leads us to a much bigger announcement. In the platform, administrators will see a clear indication of who created the card template that is installed. This means that customers (or third-parties) can develop their own custom cards and use them in Appspace (wooo, high-five!).

We will share more information about our developer community vision soon, and we are currently working with a few select partners to get a dedicated forum up and running within the month of February.

We also continue our bug blasting in the ac.13 update too; you can read more about these fixes in the release notes, here

Appspace6.1-ac.13 is being deployed to public cloud on Saturday 18th February.