This update is a little later than typical, but that’s due to some exciting user experience developments that we’re going to share with you in this post.  First, let’s take a look at Q3 deliverables.

Q3 recap

As the quarter comes to a close, here are some highlights that should be familiar to many Appspace users by now.


A new addition to our list of compatible devices is LG’s range of webOS 3.0 enabled commercial displays. By combining Appspace with LG webOS enabled TVs, organizations benefit from being able to deploy digital signage without an external media player. This removes complexity, as well as saving significant time and money during deployment. A microsite for this solution can be found at

Improvements to alerts feature

This work involved both behavioral optimizations as well as console and app support for HTML cards. As we demonstrated during our Dallas Showcase event, one of the benefits of using HTML5-based cards is their responsive design. With the official support of cards for alerts, administrators can broadcast critical updates to any registered device, in any orientation; landscape, portrait, 16:9, 4:3, or something entirely bespoke.

Improved account management + 6.2 on-prem

With the launch of self-service account management, administrators see the result of our goal to improve visibility into subscription usage, as well as improve instance licensing. The features of this portal are also compatible with the release of Appspace 6.2 on-prem, which also saw more improvements to the installation process. Appspace 6.2 on-prem is available through support and account teams now.

To check out the account portal, visit and remember you’ll need to be an account owner to access account data.

Get started with Appspace + GCP

If you’re looking to deploy Appspace to infrastructure that you manage, you may be interested to know that Appspace is listed in Cloud Launcher. Perfect for fast, easy setup and zero environment configuration.


Closing 2017 in a big way

Q4 starts off one very consistent theme: delivering an impressive user experience. It will be a consistent theme through the first half of 2018, but you see plenty of positive changes along the way.

Streamlined channel management

We’ll be consolidating workflows (channels, signs, live streams) to offer a single experience for publishing playlists, live streams, and more. Expect to see updated console UI’s, relocated features and functions that appear where they’ll have the biggest impact, as well as greater control over publishing rules, permissions, and branding.

Evolution of the Appspace App

In conjunction with evolving console workflows, the Appspace App will get a design refresh. The result is a consistent branded experience across TV, tablet, and the web offering. Also, it will allow users to log on using any device and see information specific to them. This includes media players typically used solely for digital signage.

Wait, there’s more…

Expect enhancements to the account management portal, card templates, card theming controls, console styling, and device registration workflows. All intended to make the Appspace experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

We are also working to add Appspace to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. So, like Google’s Cloud Launcher, administrators will be able to set up an Appspace instance in just a few clicks. This further emphasizes our user experience theme, by allowing organizations to deploy Appspace where it makes the most sense to them.

In summary

The focus is on delivering an impressive user experience. A simpler, faster, and more powerful experience for all users.

Look out for more information on Q4 features as they become available through our blog.