On Saturday, September 30th, 2017, we will be rolling out several bug fixes and performance optimizations, as well as an updated Appspace App, v1.23.

What’s new?

In a nutshell, after adding many great new features and functionality in the last few weeks, we’ve been able to work on optimizations to help things run even smoother in both the console and the account management portal.

For the Appspace App, there are background improvements that optimize registration workflows and improve onscreen messaging when using web content in the app on Windows devices. We’ve also standardized the registration URL for LG webOS devices to make remote deployments easier.

Bug fixes

Our engineers have blown away a dozen bugs that have been keeping them up at night – now they can stay up late playing Dragon Quest XI (yeah, we have no idea what that is either).

As always, the full release notes can be found on our Knowledge Center: click here for 6.3-ac.2 and click here for app v1.23.