I’ve received a growing number of questions about whether Chrome Device Management (CDM) is required for the Appspace App to work with Chrome OS devices. 

This is an easy one to put to rest.  The answer is no.  The Appspace App will work just swimmingly with Chrome OS devices even if you do not use Chrome Device Management. That being said, we have found that Chrome Device Management is essential for running digital signage networks at scale. CDM provides customers important features to help them manage the network, like:

If you choose not to go for Chrome Device Management, there are several benefits, including enterprise support, that you will be sacrificing. Benefits such as:

Given the enterprise advantages of Chrome Device Management, we worked work our counterparts at Google to offer customers deploying the joint solution some sweet bundle options: one for commercial customers, and one for academic institutes. Both bundles provide fifty (50) CDM licenses for free when purchasing an Appspace OMNI subscription. In the US and Canada, CDM licenses must be ordered through Google’s authorized distributor, SYNNEX. Customers outside the US and Canada can order the bundles from their local authorized Google reseller.  

For more information about the bundles, including how to order, use the links below:

Hopefully, this has helped clarify the benefits of Chrome Device Management for your deployment, please don’t hesitate to contact an Appspace representative (or our friends at Google) if you have any questions.