If you are using the Cisco Digital Media Manager (DMM) for digital signage or IPTV, or either of the DMP 4400 or 4310 media players, you may be keeping an eye on final Cisco support dates that are looming. In fact, you’ll probably know that the DMM end of life has already passed, and the 4400 & 4310 are close behind. But don’t worry, if you’re wondering what your options are – without completely ripping it all out and starting afresh – the good news is that Appspace is the best place to start.


First, you don’t have to scrap the DMP 4400 & 4310 devices that you use today. Appspace supports both devices out-of-the-box. So, you can continue to leverage your existing media player stock, while benefiting from a more powerful CMS. If you are looking to replace your aging or broken DMPs with one of the market’s newer media player devices, you can run these in parallel with the DMPs that are still functioning just fine.


If you are keen to move to a next-generation media player, a wholesale replacement exercise can be eye-watering. There are lots of options to choose from, and varying price points. Fortunately, Appspace is compatible with hundreds of devices by design. From industry-standard operating systems such as Windows, Chrome, Android, and iOS to leading purpose-built media players from BrightSign, MediaVue, and Samsung. Therefore, you are free to choose from a wide range of devices and stagger your media player replacements to suit your budget, timeline, and hardware replacement policy.


The DMM had some pretty robust features, but business requirements and technology advance at a frightening rate. Having a well-defined (and public) roadmap, access to new features, support of new technology, and ability to handle more use cases is something that you are guaranteed to get with Appspace.

Simplicity and scale underpin our workflows, and for this reason, Cisco chose Appspace as the replacement for their DMM customers in 2013. Cisco also uses Appspace to run their own internal digital signage network – so if its good enough for them, then why not you?!


Finally, choosing Appspace means we won’t ask you for a huge investment up front. As a SaaS company, we wake up every day and earn your business. This provides you with the power to expand, contract, and cancel if you choose. This works great for digital signage networks looking to transition gradually from the DMM to Appspace, and you can start transitioning today.


If you are looking at alternatives to the Cisco Digital Media Manager, and/or Digital Media Player 4400 & 4310 devices, then contact an Appspace representative today to see how we can make this quick, cost effective, and effortless for you.