Get information to the right place at the right time

Schedule when information is published and to which workplace displays, apps, and teams.  Interrupt regular broadcasts with critical and emergency messaging. 


Organize information by topic into channels and publish them to workplace displays, apps, and more.


Reach thousands of people with new information thanks to channel, device, and user groups.

Granular controls

Configure publish dates, content dayparting, frequencies, and more.

Workplace settings

Tailor behaviors specific to digital signage, like duration, transitions, and aspect ratios.

Target apps

Choose how information reaches existing channels in your enterprise messaging apps.

Advanced scheduling

Add tag rules for customized publishing to specific workplace displays and apps.

Take over with Alerts

Interrupt regular schedules in the workplace with emergency broadcasts, messages from the CEO, and more. Alert templates work on all size and shape of display ensuring everybody gets the message. 

Appspace is flexible, secure, and grows with you

Learn how Appspace makes it easy to implement and utilize one platform to create a modern workplace.