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Experts say that the hybrid workplace is the new normal

Many lessons were learned throughout 2020—especially among businesses that saw employee communication and engagement gaps that threatened everything from COVID-19 safety measures to overall productivity, morale and so much more.

Throughout it all, flexibility became a necessity to handle:

of workers fear not being able to communicate in-person


When in-person communication is no longer the norm

Teams and work locations look a lot different than they have in the past. On-site social distancing measures may continue to be in place for quite a while. And whether or not having some dispersed team members has always been part of your normal or if this is new territory, finding ways to communicate key information can be hard to do. Electronic communication is dominating the landscape, and taking the time to craft effective messages to various teams and members is time-consuming. Deciding which channel to use poses another challenge. Who will see your messages? And which messages will get lost?

A communication program is only effective if the messaging can reach the right people

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. People can be part of a functional team, a team in a specific geographical location, or a team assigned to a strategic initiative – sometimes all of the above.  Communication planners need to be able to reach every individual when the time comes. People may be on the shop floor, in an office, or on the road, so it is critical that reach – offices, mobile devices, devices in the home – is part of the DNA of the tool that powers your communication strategy.

of internal communicators don't measure the effectiveness of their strategy

Source: Populo

Measuring the effectiveness of communication in a hybrid workplace

Right now it feels like we’re in constant communication with people over several different mediums. There’s plenty of wondering if someone saw the message served to them, let alone read all of it. Planning messaging campaigns for internal team communications have become hard to orchestrate given all the different options for delivery and making sure it’s engaging. All of these things point to analytics, from open rates to click-throughs. This type of data would be crucial for HR, Safety & Operations teams in order to save time and send communications that work.

Organizations will thrive if they prioritize building and maintaining their culture in a hybrid world

Company culture is a vital component of a successful organization. Does yours have a culture of safety? Accountability? Innovation? One of the easiest ways we develop and share company values is through face-to-face interactions. When in-person meetings are restricted or cease altogether, how do you keep the culture alive? The in-person communication everyone once relied on must continue online. Finding ways to effectively connect with employees and keep them engaged via online tools can be challenging but has clearly been made known that it is of utmost importance in keeping employees happy.
of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business success

Source: Built In

of companies feel access to flexible office spaces are extremely important

Source: Crestron Customer Survey 2020

Flexible space requires flexible communication capabilities

Now more than ever, it’s critical to keep everyone connected and working together, whether they’re on-site, at remote locations, at home, or on the go. Many of the world’s most recognizable brands build their own exceptional workplace experience with Appspace’s simple communication and space management platform at the heart of their communications strategy.


Reach your team anytime, anywhere with Appspace

As you know, teams come in all shapes and sizes, but targeting messaging across many different teams in the hybrid workplace can seem daunting.  How do you easily deliver the company Town Hall recording or back-to-work safety protocol information to production workers across the country who don’t have email access or company-provided smart devices? And what about busy managers around the globe whose email inboxes are already overflowing? At the same time, how do you deliver the latest sales leaderboard to the commercial team or financial reports only to the board?  Having a simple way to create and distribute updates to different locations, devices, and people is critical.

Create with easy-to-use templates

Anyone can create effective messages with Appspace’s templates.  The simple, pre-designed formats have fields that are easy to update.  Add your text, business data, media files, and finally your branding to output a visually impactful, on-brand message.  Templates can also display data from dynamic sources such as RSS feeds, web pages, and third-party systems, so you can set it up once and let it update automatically.

Collaborate across departments

Even with decentralized and hybrid teams, it’s possible—and increasingly important—to share the communication load. Assign specific templates to different team members so they can create relevant messages for their own teams. Here at Appspace, we have different template styles for each major functional organization within the company so that all employees know exactly where messages are coming from at a glance. 

Create and publish once - view anywhere

With Appspace templates, you don’t need to worry about recreating messages for different devices or screen sizes.  Appspace’s branded templates are device agnostic and automatically adapt to the display they are viewed on.  Because your content can play anywhere on any device, you can focus instead on delivering relevant messages to the appropriate teams, driving your business goals, and building your corporate culture.

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Simple content organization with channels

To make it easy for relevant information to reach the right teams, group your content into logically named playlists called channels.  Build channels for specific topics (new hires or upcoming events), teams (Marketing, Product), or for strategic initiatives (COVID-19 Workforce).  Add new content and it’s easy for your team to find it.  For instance, the new hires channel might publish to the entire organization, while the sales report channel may only reach the sales team.  You can also share a particular piece of content in one channel that’s relevant to the whole company (for instance, a release update), that content can be delivered to the entire organization.

Reach employees no matter where they work

With workforces spread out across home offices, company facilities, and on the road, it’s paramount that you can reach your employees wherever they are. Appspace is compatible with devices you’re already using today and many that you’re probably not. Whether employees use their personal devices, a company laptop, or happen to be walking by the digital signage in your headquarters, they will receive the same critical information as other employees.

Access information 24/7 on personal devices

Reach employees on the devices that they use the most — theirs. With Apppsace’s unique integration with the enterprise messaging apps your team knows and uses daily, messages sent from the Appspace platform can appear right on a phone, tablet, or laptop directly into a channel that employees are accustomed to viewing. By simply clicking these messages, or logging into the Appspace content portal, users can learn more about the important messages you are sending, and can access these additional details right from their browser. 

Enterprise messaging apps

As workforces went remote in 2020, the use of enterprise messaging apps exploded and both business-critical and more casual conversations moved onto the apps. When you use Appspace to deliver your corporate messaging across Slack, Webex, or Microsoft Teams, you not only capture an active audience, but you also cut through the clutter with attention-grabbing, on-brand content.

Appspace content portal

To further leverage the power of enterprise messaging apps, Appspace links content published in enterprise messaging apps back to a web portal. Team members can read additional information, watch a related video, or follow a call to action. Employees can also check out other channels available to them in the portal, like recent town hall recordings, new hires, or the latest performance KPIs.

Reach teams when they are in the workplace

Corporate culture originated in the physical workspace, and it’s important to continue to drive that culture within the office. Office displays are a powerful tool for communicating with team members and for enabling communication between in-office and remote employees.

Digital signs & video walls

Digital signage is perfect for when your message depends on your location. Welcome visitors and share check-in information on the digital signage in your lobby and reception area. Reinforce company values, crucial health & safety policies, and celebrate individual and team accomplishments on digital signage throughout your facility.

Publish important business messages and performance metrics in team areas and open spaces. Many of these messages may be the same as the messages delivered to personal devices, but others will be unique to a location. With pre-determined scheduling rules and channel configurations, posting different content across your facility’s digital signage is fast and simple.

Collaboration displays

Collaboration displays—screens in meeting rooms or huddle spaces dedicated to video conferencing and screen sharing—are another powerful tool for sharing relevant information and encouraging employee collaboration and communication in the hybrid workplace.

To maximize efficiency in video conferencing, Appspace-powered collaboration screens offer voice control features and how-to instruction on the screens. Dispersed teams can easily and quickly gather via video conference, breaking down any location barriers. Displays can also be used in signage mode when they’re idle and show targeted content or general corporate messaging.


Measure what matters and track how communications are performing

With Appspace analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your strategy and chart your progress toward building an exceptional workplace experience.

At-a-glance get a performance summary from specific channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and content portal usage with links to detailed reports. Track successful content and authors to create a comprehensive picture of your corporate communications.

Easily analyze channel usage to identify communication gaps, and track user engagement with an easy-to-read dashboard to identify your super users and to understand the effectiveness of specific campaigns.

Clear communication is critical to the success of your culture in the hybrid workplace

Pervasive and effective workplace communications are more important than ever in a hybrid workplace. Managing a dispersed workforce will continue to shape how we communicate as organizations. Adapting early and adopting a platform that allows you to reinforce and reevaluate your communication strategy will be crucial to create a strong company culture moving forward.

Combining workplace displays, enterprise messaging app integration, and an all-in-one content portal, communicators are able to share content to multiple channels and keep employees informed and engaged.  Appspace is the unified platform that offers communicators all of these tools.

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