Bring hot-desking to your office space

Make it easy for your employees and guests to book resources at a moment’s notice. Whether teammates want to work on preferred floors, near their team, or away from all the action while adhering to capacity planning rules. Our space and desk reservation software makes hot-desking possible in your office space.
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See it in action

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Book resources while you're in the office, at home, or on the go

Hot-desking features are built-in to the employee app, so corporate workers can find and book a desk near their team, the perfect room for a client meeting, or even a parking space. Your team can confidently book on the go or ad-hoc once in the building.


Software that’s easy to use for front end and back end users

Appspace has made it simple to convert your office to hot-desking. Admins can upload your office floorplan and set booking parameters for all of your resources within the software. Employees reserve and book, all on the same platform.


Check-in, extend, or cancel your reservation with a few clicks

Manage your upcoming and future meetings from your mobile device; so if you’re running late, need more time, or can’t make it you can let your coworkers know immediately.” Grammarly wants to rephrase to (Manage your upcoming and future meetings from your mobile device; if you’re running late, need more time, or can’t make it, you can immediately let your coworkers know.)

Get notifications through the tools employees already use

Extend reservation confirmations and actions to corporate workers inside Teams, Slack, Webex, and Workplace by Meta.


Extend reservation functionality to workplace displays

See which meeting spaces are available and book them instantly using touch-enabled (or touch-less) panels outside of the room. Perfect for ad hoc reservations and maximizing your office screens.

Make the most of your technology investments

Appspace plugs into leading software applications and workplace hardware to offer an optimal out-of-the-box, highly customizable experience. Create the office experience your team will love.

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