Employee Content Portal

The Appspace content portal creates a centralized place for employees to find the latest reports, town hall recordings, training videos, announcements, alerts, and more.

Save time & stay aligned

Reduce the time your employees spend looking for reliable company information and keep 100% of your team aligned using the Appspace portal.

Find important content, fast

Organize Information by topic into channels making it obvious where to look and what to expect. Available channels can be customized by each employee ensuring each employee gets the most relevant content to their role.

Available at work and on the go

The Appspace content portal is accessible via the browser. Log in anytime, anywhere, on any device to access important company updates.

Access from apps

Expand on content shared in enterprise messaging apps with a simple link through to the Appspace portal where long-form text, links, and more can be shared.

Link to other systems

Articles not only give your team detailed information but also link them to third-party systems.

Consistent experience on any device

Your content looks great, no matter how you display it. Pre-designed templates ensure your content is on brand and formatted perfectly for the Appspace content portal, enterprise apps, and workplace displays.

Share videos, too

Upload videos just as easily as written content and templates to instantly start sharing town hall recordings, training and compliance videos, interviews, and more using channels for a Netflix-style experience.

Loop in your intranet

Deliver communications to all of your technology investments. Publish channels from Appspace as a URL and embed as custom links in SharePoint, Confluence, and other intranets.

Appspace is flexible, secure, and grows with you

Learn how Appspace makes it easy to implement and utilize one platform to create a modern workplace.