We are proud to announce we are expanding our Customer Success Team and are looking for talent in the Dallas area.

The happiness of our customer base is our number one priority and with strong growth in the third and fourth quarter of 2017, Bryce Kirby, VP of Customer Experience at Appspace, is bullish about his team’s growth. “Our business in North America is always growing. To ensure we are in the best place to meet the needs of our expanding customer base we are investing immediately in the growth of our Customer Success Team”.

Recently posted to Appspace’s careers site and LinkedIn, the roles and responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager have drawn a “significant amount of interest,” said Sean McGowan, Head of People Matters at Appspace. “Applications are coming thick and fast, and as a valuable team in our organization, it’s no surprise to me that we are generating a high level of interest.”

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM) the focus is on customer happiness by ensuring full adoption and use of the Appspace platform.  A CSM engages with customers and partners throughout their life cycle with Appspace, working with technical and operational teams to exceed the expectations of enterprise customers.

It’s clear that with such a positive move, enterprise customers can expect their service to go from strength-to-strength.

To apply to become a Customer Success Manager or any other open position, please visit the Appspace careers site or visit jobs on LinkedIn.