It’s safe to say that current events have us all a little on edge. A lot is changing in our world, both personally and professionally, and these rapid, significant changes can take a toll on our mental health. As this crisis unfolds, it’s essential to take inventory of how you are feeling and to make sure you are taking care of yourself. We’ve put together a short guide on how to make your mental health a priority and prevent burnout during these uncertain times. 

Signs of Burnout

Everyone experiences some level of stress at home and in the workplace, but burnout isn’t just regular stress. Burnout has some very specific signs that you should watch out for:

How to Prevent Burnout

So how do you combat burnout, especially in these times of higher stress? Some easy ways to relieve stress include: 

These are just a few suggestions to help you prevent burnout while we all transition to this new normal. There are many other resources available that can help you navigate these feelings of high stress. For helpful mental health resources specifically related to stress, check out the links below.  

National Institute of Mental Health

American Medical Association 

Centers for Disease Control

Stay open and stay honest with how and what you are feeling with your family and your employer. You can and will make it through this challenging time, even if right now it doesn’t seem like it. Stay strong.