Chinese New Year is a great time for the whole team at the Appspace Malaysia office, packed with Chinese themed games and a huge lunch.

As with many of our team events, the focus is team spirit and celebration and this event was no different . A number of the team also led a great introduction to Chinese New Year culture for their peers. Appspace has always been a culturally diverse company, with a global footprint its hard not to be, so we take great care to make sure that all teams get to experience and the customs and traditions of their colleagues. 


We included team-based games into our celebrations, all of which were fused with Chinese cultural elements: calligraphy and chopsticks. The goal was to complete the games and gather clues in order  to find the Ang Pow (translation: red envelope).

First, was Chinese calligraphy. Our teams were blindfolded and had to listen to the instruction of their team members in order to write the Chinese word given. Then they have to guess the Chinese word. This led them to the first clue for the team. 

Second, was chopsticks & marbles. Our team members had to use chopsticks to pick up marbles from a bowl that had numbers written on them. From there they had to decypher a keyword that gave them a second clue for finding the Ang Pow. Teams then searched to find the Ang Pow filled with prizes. The team that find the Ang Pow in the shortest time was the winner.

Prizes ranged from, hampers stocked with delicious treats, to the High Tea at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur. 

It was a great team event, highly enjoyable, lots of food and fun had by all. Check out the video above for some of the highlights.